why do we tip the waiters?



When they tip the waiter, I wonder. Why give something? After all, he does nothing of the kind. I recorded the order. He brought it to the chef. He brought dishes. Put it on the table and all. It would seem, because the cook is cooking, why then he does not get a tip?


When my husband and I eat in public places, he usually always leaves a tip. About 12 percent of the order. This tradition always seemed to me abnormal.

It’s your job!

In kindergarten, I have two groups of kids. They somehow decided to combine into a single group, and it turned out 45 children. Besides me, there is also a nanny who washes dishes, plates, mugs, forks, spoons every second, and multiply this by 45 kids. Neither me, nor the nanny, no one gave a tip! When the preparatory group (graduation to school) and the senior graduated, they brought sweets and wine. And that’s all! And this is for the entire study period. I worked in a kindergarten for a long time, and there was no such tradition to give gold. After all, if you think about it, we nursed the children, and they were prepared for school, and they did not bring food, as the waiters do.


It was always incomprehensible to me why it was customary for waiters to leave tips. And such workers as teachers, doctors, educators in kindergartens, drivers, they are not left with a tip. How is that?

How do you like this picture? A parent comes to kindergarten to pick up his child. And he gives the teacher 500 rubles for the fact that she worked.


Or I have a cough. How are my lungs? All is well! Thank you so much, keep 1000 rubles.

Or the minibus driver brings you, and you thank him, here’s 300 r for tea.

If I go back to some establishments, it’s not because the waiter is good, but because the cooks are well prepared.


All year round, when my husband and I go on vacation, we always call in Domozhirovo, this is near St. Petersburg. The kitchen is top class! We stop here not because the waiter is good, but because the cuisine is delicious! If you give a tip, then only to the chef.



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why do we tip the waiters?
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