Movies that are impressive from the first minute



A selection of great paintings that amaze the most sophisticated audience. After watching them at least once you will want to review them again and again.


A quality mark is what unites all these films. Even though they were shot by different people and at different times. It is safe to say that there will be no one indifferent!


An exciting story, the merit of the directors of these films. We advise you to discuss movies with friends, family and loved ones after watching them. We are sure that you will have something to share. Films will leave a lot of positive impressions.

The film «Insomnia»



In a small town located in Alaska, a terrible thing happens. The young girl is brutally killed.

The entangled case is trusted to be investigated by an experienced policeman who arrived from Los Angeles. Detective Dormer joins in.

No one realizes that the usual, at first glance, business will take such an unexpected turn. And it turns out after one random event.


The movie «Obsession»


The successful financier Matthew, who once lost his beloved, is completely surrendered to his career. But one fine evening in a restaurant, he notices his former lover, who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Throwing all the cases Matthew rushes in her search. In a fraudulent way, he tries to track down the missing person.

Once in a whirlpool of events and mysterious secrets, he meets another girl. Perhaps she will reveal to him the secret of the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.


The film «Taking Life»


The motion picture tells about the life of a serial killer, which takes the lives of people, but continues to live their lives. For a long time, the police cannot go on the trail of a criminal. An FBI experienced agent named Iliana begins the investigation. She is famous for her unconventional approach to crime investigation. She has to solve a difficult riddle and understand the motives that guide the killer.

The film «Fracture»


The film begins with a fairly common story: a cheated husband out of jealousy kills an unfaithful wife.

The case was assigned to the prosecutor Rain, who initially did not attach much attention to the case. Motives and the guilty, as it seems to him, are known to everyone. Moreover, he has views on more promising work.

But digging deeper everything is not so simple.

The film «All the best» 


The film tells about the disappearance of the girl Katie Marx, the wife of an influential man from a famous New York family. the picture was based on real events.

The film «Exam»


People who apply for a vacancy in a prestigious company are gathered indoors. In order to be interviewed, they must find the answer to one single question. True answer and become a winner.

The film «The best offer»


Thriller with a touch of adventure. The main characters of the film are a man in years holding the position of manager of a famous auction house and his partner, who have committed many scams over their long lives. That is why there is a secret room in the manager’s house, in which there are many paintings and portraits of women painted by great artists of different eras.

One fine day, an unfamiliar woman turns to them, who begs for an assessment of the property inherited from her late parents.

The film » Now You see me»


A mysterious story about magicians who appear with amazing shows, having tremendous success. With the help of their talents, they carry out unthinkable robberies. The police can not get on the trail of criminals. After all, no one suspects that the magic of the “four horsemen” is capable of circling the fingers of everyone around.

The movie «Trans»


Simon is an employee of the institution where the auctions are held; he is also in secret conspiracy with criminals. During the next auction, Simon is injured and loses his memory.

His accomplices and a hypnotherapist girl come to his aid. They have to restore the picture of what happened and remember where the expensive stolen canvas is hidden.

The film «Before I Fall Asleep»


The film is based on the plot of the novel, authored by S.J. Watson.

The story of a woman who lost her memory due to a car accident. For 20 years, she wakes up every morning in different places and with different men. Every day she thinks that she is 20 years old as before. In fact, she is already 40.

Memories leave every morning and she has to collect fragments that will help find answers that have bothered her for so many years. 

The film «Thirteenth Tale»


The film is an adaptation of the popular novel by Diana Setterfield.

Margaret Lee receives an invitation from the famous writer Vida Winter. Vida asks Margaret to be her biographer.

With each meeting, Margaret learns more and more family secrets. Vida reveals to her biographer, telling the story of twin sisters.


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Movies that are impressive from the first minute
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