How lives the daughter of the richest man in the world

There is an opinion that the children of wealthy parents live without thinking about the meaning of life and their fate — for them everything has long been decided with the help of money. Therefore, such children are too spoiled, they do that, they always hang out at different «parties»

But often it turns out quite the opposite, a lot depends on the parents, among whom there are always those who are fully aware of responsibility for children, regardless of income level and understand the negative side of excesses at such an early age. And therefore, to the extent possible, they protect their heirs from the harmful effects of the money they have not earned.


For example, take Bill Gates, who is considered one of the richest people on the planet, and who has three children: two daughters and a son. We agree that any money should be earned, it’s not a means to indulge children, but the result of hard work. That’s why his children can’t get to his father’s money, especially since he bequeathed them to charity and research.


The oldest of Gates’s daughters, Jennifer is the most ordinary girl, she doesn’t “shine” in fashionable social events, her father’s money is not available to her like other children, she is modest, well-mannered and behaves with dignity. Bill is a rather strict father who limited his access to the Internet, gadgets and social networks to children under 14 years old. However, now the eldest daughter has an account on Instagram3

Jennifer is the true daughter of her parents, very similar to her mother Melinda, goes in for horse riding and often performs in competitions. The girl is studying at Stanford University, one of the most prestigious world universities, at the Department of Biology.


There is a place in her life for a serious relationship with a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the same university, whose name is Nail Nassar. Young people are connected by a love of horses, and Nail prefers to work with these wonderful animals, rather than by profession.











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How lives the daughter of the richest man in the world
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