Better not to mess with them: 10 serious dog breeds

The best friends of man, dogs, are not always such in fact, due to their aggressive disposition and dangerous behavior, so some breeds of dogs are better not to have at home.

Each person sees the real danger of the dog in his own way: some people initially believe that all of them are vicious and aggressive creatures, despite their good-natured and affectionate character, and try to avoid them in every possible way. But most experienced breeders are sure that any dog can be trained, regardless of its disposition.

However, there is a list of breeds of really dangerous dogs, based on the actual facts of their attacks on people, the threat they potentially carry, which definitely should not be brought home.

1. the Bull Terrier


Dogs of this breed are unpredictable. Even their owners can easily attack after a training course, not to mention strangers.

2. the Tosa Inu


A massive and powerful breed, it was bred as a fighting dog, because the dogs have just a very tough disposition, so much so that in other countries it is forbidden by law to have such a dog at home.

3. The Canary Dog


was bred to herd cattle, by nature this dog is very aggressive, so you must keep it literally on a short leash, subjecting it to strict training. And it is better to spay him early.

4. Rhodesian Ridgeback


The dog was only bred to drive away lions from prey that had been killed by its master. This dog is very intelligent and loyal, but his reaction to strangers is completely unpredictable. If you shout and wave your hands in the presence of this dog, it is strongly not recommended, otherwise you can easily lose any part of your body.

5. Boel Bur


Apparently, they know a lot about breeding dogs in Africa — the Boel boel is also from there, from South Africa he turned out to be a wonderful guard, loyal to his own owners and absolutely not loving strangers — he can give a powerful fight to the most vicious robbers, and the tactics of surprise attack are not alien to him.

6. American Bulldog


gives the impression of a friendly dog, despite its clumsiness and clumsiness. A very stubborn dog who can easily attack even his owner just because the latter has taken away his favorite toy.

7. Wolfhound


The dog is a cross between a dog and a wolf, with a very severe, dangerous, and completely disloyal behavior. This dog will do for military purposes, but it would be strange and dangerous, to say the least, to have him in the house.

8. Gul Dong


Sometimes called the Pakistani Bulldog for its power, strength, fighting qualities, for which, in fact, it was bred. He has a lot of aggression and is very difficult to train.

9. Pit Bull


includes the word «bull,» and it was intended for siccing on bears and bulls — what a dog! A dangerous breed, actively used in dogfights, although some owners think they are very sweet and kind.

10. Dobermans


Very intelligent dogs, great at tracking down «prey», have an iron character and fighting qualities. Aggression and unpredictability still prevents him from becoming a full-fledged guardian for the family.

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Better not to mess with them: 10 serious dog breeds
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