A pigeon that does not fly made friends with a puppy that cannot walk. It’s so cute

A pigeon that does not fly made friends with a puppy that cannot walk. It’s so cute


For real friendship there are no borders and conventions, and everyone is subject to it, even birds and animals. This is proved by the pigeon Herman and the Chihuahua puppy Landi, who met and were immediately imbued with sympathy for each other. Their meeting took place at The Mia Foundation, an organization that helps animals with birth defects. Herman cannot fly, and Landi does not have hind legs. And their sweet, tender friendship is the most touching thing you will see on the Internet today.


A pigeon that cannot fly made friends with a puppy whose hind legs do not work

According to People, Herman was in the fund several years ago. He was found at a car dealership where he sat for three days without movement. Sue Rogers, the founder of the foundation, received a call with information about the bird and agreed to accept it. The pigeon was helped to regain strength, but he could not fly. Perhaps this is a consequence of a virus or traumatic brain injury. He is regularly taken outside to breathe fresh air.


Herman appeared in the fund a few years ago, and the puppy in January

Lundy is just a kid. He appeared in the organization in January, he was only 4 weeks old. According to Facebook, the baby weighed 140 grams and recovered to 255 grams over 12 days in the fund.


Baby Lundy

At the examination by a veterinarian


A South Carolina breeder called the fund because he could not care for a puppy with special needs. The founder of the foundation believes that his problems may be associated with damage to the spinal cord, which means that he will have to learn how to walk with a wheelchair. He is hoped to find a home.


And then one day Herman and Landy met


Sue looked after Lundy, and Herman sat on a couch. And then she decided to put the puppy next to the pigeon. She carefully watched what was happening, because it was not known how the animals would behave.


Caught on the same litter, the animals immediately reached for each other


They like to wallow and cuddle.



Too cute!

It is not surprising that the publication on Facebook with their photos became viral: it gained more than 19 thousand likes and more than 41 thousand reposts.




One more :




We wish that in your life there is such a person with whom you can wallow and cuddle in the same way as Landy and German!



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A pigeon that does not fly made friends with a puppy that cannot walk. It’s so cute
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