10 things that attract poverty


Most people strive to ensure a prosperous, comfortable life. Some easily succeed, while others are accompanied on this path by ups and downs. It turns out that the culprits of failure can be things that doom to poverty and block progress.

Things are the companions of poverty

Household trash. It includes broken utensils, dilapidated clothes, old newspapers, non-working equipment and much more. All this, like a vacuum cleaner, draws positive energy from any home. Cluttering blocks the money channel, it affects not only well-being, but also prevents the birth of new ideas and plans.


Cleaning equipment. Wiping the furniture with new bright napkins, using a functional mop to clean the floor, the hostess, thereby, shows respect for her home. You should not use an old, disheveled broom, because it is he who sweeps everything negative out of the house. Since ancient times, he has been endowed with forces that can attract wealth and stored in a special corner.

Photos. It is now very popular to decorate the interior with photographs in the frame. But photography can carry both positive and negative energy. Especially worth paying attention to the photo, the background on which are dried flowers, felled trees, the remains of any destruction, fires. No need to keep in the house photographs of people with whom tragic events or negative memories are associated. This fills the atmosphere of the home with a bad aura and also leads to lack of money.


Other people’s things. Each thing is filled with the energy of its creator, and subsequently the owner. If a master made a thing with love, put a soul into it, this does not mean that it will bring joy.  If a person with dark energy get it, it can turn into an object that exudes evil. It is not necessary without special need to leave other people’s things in the house. This also applies to the things of dead people. You can leave something neutral or especially valuable, but it’s important to remember that such a thing can block the money channel and bring trouble and ruin.

Damaged symbols of wealth. To attract finance, there are special amulets. They can be animal figures, horseshoes, money tree, Chinese coins. For these items to work, you need to know their purpose exactly. Improper use can aggravate the situation, and instead of the expected wealth, problems and lack of money will flood. These things should be in perfect condition, without cracks, breaks, chips. If the amulet is damaged, it loses its magical function, in which case you will have to part with it and replace it with another.

Old wallets. A wallet serves as the main connecting link between its owner and the flow of monetary energy. This is a kind of mini-bank for storing notes. Like any thing, it eventually deteriorates. Many continue to use the old wallet and store receipts, notes, business cards in it. This should not be done, because the main function of the wallet is violated — the storage of money, which can also negatively affect the financial situation.


Money. Incredibly, the money can cause their absence. They can attract need if they are lying dead weight at the bottom of a piggy bank or jar. This also applies to damaged, dirty bills. Money should be constantly updated, be in motion, only in this case there will be an influx of monetary energy and an improvement in welfare.

Broken items. Using broken dishes or a cracked mirror, you can bring illness and need into the house. Dangerous microbes accumulate in chips and cracks in dishes. They can cause diseases, the treatment of which will already have to spend a certain amount. Broken mirrors are even more dangerous. They distort positive energy and divert luck. Through the cracks of broken objects, negativity seeps into the house, and well-being and finances flow through them.

Products. Large food stocks create a false impression of family wealth. In fact, this is a real waste, since some of the products are simply thrown away due to expired shelf life. In addition, expired cereals, dust-covered cans of pickles are an ideal medium for accumulating negative energy, which interferes with raising money.


Things with dead energy. Stuffed animals and birds, horns on the walls, animal skins, dry flowers — all these are carriers of negative information. The dead energy of these things conflicts with the living energy of the home, creating a dark aura that causes lack of money and health problems.

Having freed your home from unnecessary, “bad” things, you can forever forget about financial and other problems.


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10 things that attract poverty
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