Your Zodiac Sign Knows What Dog You Look Like”


Women most often compare themselves with soft and fluffy cats, which sometimes release their claws, but this is so boring, because they look like each other. A completely different thing is a dog, an abundance of breeds, sizes and characters.

Which breed of dog does your zodiac sign match?


Aries — Alabai


Pressure, perseverance and faith in victory, these are all qualities that are inherent in Alabai. This dog is filled with unshakable strength and courage, if she made a decision, then no one can stop her. Alabai was created to withstand difficulties and crush wolves while protecting a flock of defenseless sheep. He does not recognize weakness in his master, otherwise he will easily become uncontrollable — however, like Aries Girl.


The fish

 is an Afghan hound.


The most undeniable quality of the Afghan hound is its beauty. But the attractiveness given by nature must be constantly maintained without sparing money and time. According to the dog handlers, this breed is one of the most stupid, although it is a complete lie, a greyhound is not the same as the narrow-minded people who only need to take care of it think. Greyhound is not ready to somehow adapt to her man, because her main task is to decorate the world around her with her presence.


Aquarius — Jack Russell Terrier.


Fidget and joker Jack Russell simply can not sit still, and in addition he requires constant attention from his master. If you refuse fun games with the ball and leave the “jacks” alone with yourself, then you definitely cannot avoid problems. This dog needs constant attention, as well as the lady Aquarius.


Cancer — Collie


A dog that loves to perform only two tasks is to graze and serve. But it is worth noting that she copes with this perfectly. Collie will easily collect the whole herd and show him the right way, but the sheep themselves are not asked. And those who go astray will immediately feel sharp teeth on their skins. It is worth remembering immediately that if the shepherd is Cancer, then you can not worry about making decisions.


Taurus — Basset Hound.


This breed of dogs ranks first in stupidity and laziness. They absolutely do not want to do anything, and Basset’s favorite pastime is to lie on a soft rug. But the opinion about the stupidity of this breed is erroneous. Basset is a hound dog that cuts off all extraneous thoughts in order to confidently follow the trail. And if he took it, then it will be like Taurus to follow it to the very end.


Gemini — Siberian Husky.6

This breed captivates others at first sight. Her appearance, friendliness and sociability make forever to love this dog. But under the guise of a charming creature, a completely different creature is hiding. Husky does everything that comes to his mind: he rushes around the house like a hurricane, chases cats, steals food from the table and even lifts up neighboring dogs. Nobody knows how to live peacefully with this breed, but like the Gemini there are daredevils.

Capricorn is a German shepherd.


A model of discipline and performance, the shepherd cannot sit idle, she begins to lose her hair and simply withers. Being close to her is a constant work, endless activities and life on a schedule, as well as a girl — Capricorn. But still they have a difference, the dog will sooner or later go on a well-deserved rest, and Capricorn will never abandon his beloved business.


Lion — Yorkshire Terrier.


This dog is always perfectly trimmed and well-groomed, she simply adores attending stylish parties and fashion shows. Yorks are often carried on their hands and they really like it. But do not think that small size is a sign of weakness. Inside the little dog, the heart of a lion beats. They are always ready to fend for themselves while maintaining their face.


Virgo is a Giant Schnauzer.


This dog has a sharp mind, a difficult character and incredible strength. In the face, this dog once did not understand what she had in mind, maybe she just needed a walk, or she wanted to sharpen her teeth on the flesh of her detractors. Even the owner sometimes does not understand what is on his dog’s mind. However, this breed is easy to train, because she is smart and loves to do everything according to the rules.


Libra — Chihuahua.


This dog seems to be the embodiment of tenderness, she is cute and fragile, anyone next to her will feel big and strong. In appearance, a chihuahua may seem to be threatened by the whole world, but this impression is deceptive. A real maniac lives in Chuhuahua’s soul, ready to deal with anyone who casts at least a sideways glance in her direction. That is why these dogs are carried on their hands, as well as the Libra girls, so as not to create threats to others.


Scorpio is a Doberman.


Incredibly beautiful and at the same time frightening dog, which does not see obstacles in front of itself and is ready to go to its goal, regardless of the consequences. She loves to show aggression, but only to strangers. To those close to her, she, on the contrary, is gentle and shows, like Scorpio, her true face as a reference choleric.


Sagittarius — Staffordshire Terrier


Despite the killer’s reputation, the Staffordshire Terrier is a faithful companion and a true friend. He is also easy to climb, loves to walk, play ball, nibble tires. In addition, Staffordshire adores all people without exception, which they were not, but cannot stand other dogs. Staffards like Sagittarius do not like obsessive love and friendship.