Your Favourite Lipstick Can Say A Lot About Your Beautiful Inner Personality


Without even realising it, the lipstick you wear is saying something about your personality and we know what it is saying! Pastel pink, fiery red or statement orange, every girl has their go-to shade.

Look at the image below and choose your favourite — each color has a specific meaning and will reveal something special about you.

Answer 1:

You’re mastering life like it was a piece of cake. For you, every task is a challenge that you fully commit to. This is the only way for you to survive everyday life without too much stress and pressure. You turn difficult tasks into fun and approach them with charm and wit.

Answer 2:

You’re a person who usually approaches things with a clear head. You clearly see your goal and never lose track of it. Your willpower will make the things you wish for possible and if you think positively, you’ll accomplish anything you want. But never act without thinking first. Take your time and reconsider the situation. By doing so, you’ll finally achieve what you’re really longing for!

Answer 3:

You tend to ponder a lot and sometimes, this pondering prevents you from seeing the nice and easy sides on things. But this latent desire is awakening again and it will help you find a nice balance between rationality and emotionality. You got what it takes to walk the fine line between thinking and feeling, which will help you to deal with the ups and downs in life.

Answer 4:

You have many hidden talents. You’re a creative and imaginative person, who can easily remember experienced situations. Due to your ability to focus, you can powerfully express your thoughts resulting in a balanced mind. You benefit from this strength, especially in difficult situations, because you always manage to stay calm and keep a clear head. You always keep track and a clear structure of the things that are important in your life.

Answer 5:

You approach things objectively and realize them with great energy. Your strength is that you’re diplomatic and get your way due to your smart wit and charm. You’re sensitive and considerate what comes as an advantage when getting to know people impartially. You know exactly what you want from life but you still have to make an effort in order to reach your goal. Your energetic nature makes you adventurous and you usually accomplish what you set out to do because you know how to judge yourself. You don’t shoot for the moon but you spend your times on things that you can actually accomplish.

Answer 6:

You have a strong and distinct personality. You show great mental strength and you hold a blazing fire in you burning with so much energy, just like your willpower. I can see that you had some rough patches in your life but it’s all behind you now. You got what it takes to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.