You Think This Purple Bubble Is Beautiful? It Can Paralyze You.


Summer season is here again and pretty much people will be crowding the beaches once more. Taking advantage of the heat, it is no surprise that people are longing to sunbathe and line the shores or take a dip in the clear blue waters. However, aside from the fact that most of us would get that tan skin we’ve all been crazy about, there is also a lot of possibilities that you will also be prone to danger. Yes! Even the most paradise-looking beach can pose harm to humans.

How? Well, let us take this creature for example. It looks really pretty, right?

These pretty floating creatures are called Portuguese Man-Of-War, and they travel in pods of 1,000.


They may look beautiful, but they are lethal. They also have tentacles ranging from 30-feet-long to 165 feet.


Even more dangerous than a jellyfish, warning signs have been put up in beaches to avoid accidents concerning this creature.

And though this one may look a lot like a jellyfish, it is not a jellyfish.


When a Portuguese Man-Of-War stings you, it can cause painful welts, paralysis, or worst, death.


Just look at those long tentacles. If you get in contact with them, you can die.


And even if you have washed Portuguese Man-Of-War’s sting, you can still experience its effects weeks after. Sounds like a nightmare.


Also remember that if you get stung by this creature, NEVER EVER pee on the affected area because it will make the situation worse. It is advised to use cold compresses instead to somehow relieve the swelling.


And in case you see a purple bubble floating on the sea waters while you’re on the beach, I tell you: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.


There is a good reason why such warning signs are being but up. Do not take them for granted. It’s your safety that they are concerned about. Next time you see this, beware.