Woman Rescued A Baby Squirrel, And It Became Her Labrador’s Best Friend


Abbey heard some strange noises in her yard. The tree fell down. Luckily no one got hurt. Looking closer, the woman noticed there was a tiny baby squirrel on the ground.

Abbey decided to wait until his mommy came back to take her baby, but no one came. So, the woman took the baby-squirrel home.

Abbey didn’t expect her Labrador Millie to like this cutie to such an extent. They became best friends. Now they do everything together. Look how happy they are playing in the yard.

“Neither my dog nor the squirrel has been hurt during their play. He is not meant to be kept as a pet, and will be released as soon as possible,” said Abbey.

Thank you, Abbey, for your kind deed! Some people should take your behavior for a model! God bless you!