Woman lives full-time in tiny teardrop. Peek inside to see how functional it is


When Sharon retired after a career as a pharmacist, she decided to take her life in a whole new direction. It was the nomad life for Sharon.

“I really am a gypsy at heart,” she told CheapRVliving.
Sharon lives in a 2015 T@B M@x S model teardrop trailer that she hauls with a 4-door Jeep Wrangler. The trailer, which she purchased for $15,000 plus taxes, weighs less than 1700 pounds dry and is easily pulled by her Jeep.

“It’s like it’s not there,” she says. “Sometimes I look in the mirror and go ‘Oh, you’re still there.’”
The trailer can be powered by plugging into electricity or by three solar panels that conveniently fold up into a case when she’s off-grid.

She’s had larger trailers but says she wouldn’t give up her tiny teardrop for anything. Though she can fully stand up in every part of her trailer, she said living in such a small space took some getting used to.


Her trailer includes a kitchen with a small three-in-one refrigerator that runs on propane, plug-in electricity or a battery; a sink with a cutting board cover; and a two-burner stove but she often likes to cook outside.

“The best thing about a little rig like this is it forces you to spend a lot of time about outside,” she explains. “When you’re doing this lifestyle it’s about being out in nature and enjoying other people. When you’re in a little rig you can hole up too long or you’ll get a little nuts and you got to come outside.”
The trailer includes a total of 12-feet of trailer space and is 5 feet and 9 inches at its tallest point.

It is heated by a furnace that was included with the trailer, but she also uses a propane heater if she wants to heat things up within two to three minutes.


The trailer houses the tiniest bathroom you’ve ever seen, which is essentially a small closet with a toilet that also acts as a shower, so you shower with your toilet.

“When that hot water hits you, you don’t care,” Sharon explains.
It includes a space for a CD/DVD player and has a flat screen TV.

There is seating around the edge of the trailer and a sofa that folds over into a bed, which she usually keeps down as a bed. She brings in a little wooden table to eat on. The air conditioner can be used with she’s plugged into electricity.

When it gets hot, she turns on air conditioner which can be used with she’s plugged into electricity.


The trailer also has lots of windows that open all the way with screens that bring in tons of light. There’s also an overhead fan.

Living modestly and having to the freedom to travel is just one of the benefits of living in a tiny trailer for Sharon.

She says the best part is getting to make so many new friends.

“I have never looked back. I just think that the lifestyle and the people you meet, it’s phenomenal,” she said. “It’s so much better. I’ve lived in houses, I’ve lived in condos, I’ve lived in beautiful apartments. I’ve lived in places for two or three years and I didn’t know my neighbors. I didn’t know who was across the way. Out on the road, I met so many fantastic people. You meet someone, you’ll have dinner and often times you’ll keep in touch.”
For Sharon, the nomadic life is “all good!”

You can watch the video tour of her home below.

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