Woman Hides Gray Roots Under Bandana, But The Makeover Guy Cuts Off Her Hair To See Them Better


Usually, women who are getting older and have gray roots do everything to cover them up. It’s often an unwanted sign of aging, even though silver hair can be beautiful! There are just as many women who embrace the look and who let their gray hair grow out. They don’t need to change a thing to be gorgeous!

It may seem counterintuitive, but Kerry wanted her silver hair to shine through during her makeover. She was already seeing her gray roots at 41-years-old and discovered that she was sensitive to hair color.

She also found that not only was her hair hard to maintain, it also didn’t really represent her personality.

Kerry went to the Makeover Guy for help, and he agreed that she should let all that beautiful silver hair out for all to see! She first covered it up with a bandana, but by the time the stylist chopped off all her hair, she was ready to show it off.

In the clip below, you can see her surprising total transformation: she goes from long locks to a pixie cut, and now looks totally different!

Would you be brave enough to let all your gray hair show and then style it with a pixie cut? We think this is one awesome change!

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