Why is a cat trampling a person with front paws


Cats are very interesting and unusual animals. And although they live next to man for a very long time, many of the secrets of these amazing animals are still unknown to man. Many people have noticed that very often a cat can stomp a person with its front paws. Why do cats do this? What does this behavior mean?

Nobody can say for sure. But there are two versions explaining this behavior of cats.


According to the first version, this behavior of cats is due to the fact that when they were small, they massaged their mother’s stomach so that more milk was produced for them. When the cat grew up, this movement remained on a subconscious level. Sorting the legs helps the cat return to his carefree childhood.


But the second version says that cats under the claws have special glands that produce pheromones. So cats show their love for humans.



Anyway, if the cat tramples you with its front legs, then it definitely loves you very much. If the cat inadvertently hooked you with its claws, then he did it for good reason. Love your cat and he will answer you the same.