Who Is Your Favorite James Bond? Your Choice Will Say A Lot About Your Personality


James Bond is a book, movie, comic book and video game protagonist who carries out missions as ‘Agent 007′. The famous character was created in 1953 by English journalist and novelist Ian Fleming. Since then, numerous great actors have given life to the famous spy.

From the original, played by Sean Connery, to Roger Moore, to the 90s Bond portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and the current one with the face of Daniel Craig, among others. They have all brought something unique to the character and if you’re a fan of this agent’s adventures, then you surely have a favorite Bond actor. This time, your choice will reveal important features about you as a person. Are you ready?

If you picked:

1. Daniel Craig.


You’re very sensual, daring, and not afraid of anything.

2. Pierce Brosnan.

You’re bold, brave, and very confident about yourself.

3. Sean Connery.


You’re relaxed, sexy, and very brave!

4. Roger Moore.


You’re smart, very classy, and courageous, willing to take risks!

What was your result? All the versions of James Bond are definitely incredible!