Who doesn’t love a good morning stretch? This poses will make you love yoga and your body so much!


If you’ve never given yoga a chance, these ten poses are sure to change your mind. From the classics to the true body benders, each one of these positions are a guarantee to push out those breasts, fill them up, and have them looking sexier than ever. For a bust that needs a boost, look no further than these ten incredibly effective tips.

            Triangle Pose


The gravity-defying Triangle Pose, otherwise known as Trikonasana, is a sure-fire first step to getting those breasts out and up. You want your feet fully apart and free hand reaching for the sky, which will strengthen your thorax and get the blood pumping to those all-important areas.

                 Warrior Pose


Even non-yogis have heard of the Warrior Pose, which has you twisting your body and straightened arms to open up the chest area and – like the Triangle – strengthen the thorax. Deep breaths are the key to this classic position, and you’ll feel and see that bust swelling with you.

Cobra Pose


Striking fear and envy into the hearts of men and woman, the simple-looking but strenuous Cobra Pose is worthy of its name. Like a snake rearing up, you’ll need to take a big breath and lift your upper body to the heavens. As it works your lungs and abs, those breasts will get fuller and perkier with every repetition.

Bow Pose


It might not look like the easiest thing in the world, but maintaining the Bow Pose (and not falling over in an unceremonious mess) for half a minute will work wonders on your posture. As you arch your back, those boobs will follow and shoot Cupid’s arrow far and wide.

Supported Headstand


Also known as Salamba Sirsasana, this one’s about as hard to pronounce as it is to do. But manage to get it right – don’t stop practicing! – and you’ll be richly rewarded. It’ll make those chest muscles firm and tight, all the while sending blood down to your breasts to make them fuller and rounder.

Wheel Pose


There’s no better way to accentuate the natural curves of your body than with the sizzling Wheel Pose. Some call it the Chakrasana, but the name doesn’t matter. The simple act of arching your back and stretching out the chest and lungs will get those curves instantly poppin’.

                         Camel Pose


Forget the unappealing name – the Camel Pose is far better, and far easier, than it sounds. Better still, it’ll have those lovely humps of yours with far more extra storage. You’ll have to go on your knees with this one, then slowly arch your back backwards and support yourself with your hands. You’ll notice the increased air and blood flow almost instantly.

                                                Fire Log Pose


Looking to get that stack of firewood bigger, fuller, and tighter? Don’t go past the Fire Log Pose, or Stabdhasana, a dead easy yet incredibly effective position. It’s just like the traditional Lotus, but it’ll really work that chest and breathing to give your breasts a wonderfully bouncy boost. The burn is worth it.

                                   Cow Pose


Another pose with a dodgy animal name, you’ll really need to try this one out a couple of times before you realize how incredible it really is. The Gowmukhasana stretches so many parts of your body at once, it’ll get the skin and breast area quickly lifted and tightened. If you’re starting to feel like you really do have an udder instead of a bust, this’ll fix it perfectly.

                                         Double Angle Pose


The key to really explosive breast development is to stimulate that underlying muscle tissue with effective stretches. The Double Angle Pose does just that, with a big boost to your chest and a work out that will give you a big size increase. If there’s one pose you have to try, it’s the Double Angle.