Which Banana Is Better? You’ve Been Buying Wrong Bananas Your Entire Life!


For some reason, people underestimate bananas. Why? These fruits are vitamin-rich and tasty!

But choosing bananas can be difficult. Look at this picture, what banana should you buy?

You are absolutely right if you chose 5, 6, 7.

Brown spots don’t mean the fruit is bad. It’s quite the opposite, the darker a banana, the more cell signaling protein it has. We are talking about tumor necrosis factor(TNF), which may boost your immune response and cause death of some types of tumor cells.

See? Bananas are awesome! Here are more reasons to love them:

1. Bananas help to reduce blood pressure.
2. Great source of evergy!
3. They help to fight against the depression.
4. Bananas can help to regulate your body temperature, eating a banana on a hot day can help to cool you body a bit.
5. People should eat bananas if they have PMS or nervous breakdown.
What other wonderful benefits of bananas do you know?

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