Which Bag Would You Choose For This Pair Of Shoes? Your Answer Will Reveal How Good Your Taste Is


Every woman who strives to be a fashionista should be able to combine different clothing items and accessories. There are even people who believe you only need to have 10 items to look stylish and elegant every day. It’s not all about quantity, but quality of your items and your ability to combine clothes with the right accessories.

Today, we are going to speak about different combinations of clothes and accessories. This test will help you learn some interesting facts about your taste. All you need to do is to look at the pair of shoes below and choose a bad that you think best goes with the pair of shoes.
If you choose №1, you know how to choose a perfect outfit for any important event. Even in everyday life, you prefer to wear blouses, dresses, and skirts combined with elegant high heels and clutches. Although you are a little conservative, you undoubtedly have a good taste.

If you choose №2, you don’t try to keep up with fashion, that is why not all your outfits look good. But don’t be upset! Just allow yourself to experiment with your style and get some new items into your wardrobe. You will love this change in your style!

If you choose №3, you are a real fashionista. You are somehow always trendy, though you never try to follow the fashion trends. It’s just that you have a good sense of style. You always know how to emphasize your image and look stylish. You have a good taste!

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