When This Michael Jackson’s Hit Comes On The Radio, Honey The Family Dog Joins The King Of Pop In Singing


Dogs are the cutest animals ever to take on a car ride. Those doubting are welcome to see how this dog rocks the house when Michael Jackson’s ‘Will Be There For You’ is put on the air. When Honey’s owner takes her on a car ride, the usually boring trips turn into the absolutely enjoyable experience, when the black-and-white canine bursts in howling with the high notes to MJ’s hit. So this sunny weekend, these two enjoy the concert again, as Honey sings with all of her power when the song starts. It was first featured in the movie ‘Free Willy’, and judging by the dog’s reaction, it’s safe to call it Honey’s favorite film. Check out this lovely video to see how this cute four-legged performer lifts her head to the car’s ceiling and began to howl and bark, harmonizing with the lyrics and the voice of Michael Jackson.

Well, what can you say here – even dogs love the King!