When Gal Gadot And Vin Diesel Don’t Play Superheroes, They Are Just Nice Parents. Seems Like It’s Their Favorite Role!


Today probably everybody knows her name – Gal Gadot. She is a new Hollywood rising star who played in the film Wonder Woman. In a real life, she is a mother of two beautiful kids. Vin Diesel doesn’t need an introduction because he has already carved his name in the film industry.


On this photo, Gal and her good friend Vin Diesel are spending time with their kids. Here Vin Diesel is with his little daughter Hania and Gal with her newborn baby Maya. By the way, Gal was pregnant with Maya when she was shooting in her last film about Wonder Woman. Actors know each other since Fast & Furious films, where Gal played Gisele.


Vin Diesel posted this lovely photo on his Facebook page, where he wrote “When we aren’t playing superheroes…All love.” And that is the best caption the one can write. It is really nice to know the famous Hollywood actors who receive millions for their roles in films, place their kids as the most precious in their life. Family values and love that what really matters and these brilliant actors don’t forget about it.