We’ve Seen Many Funny Security Camera Footages, And This One Easily Makes The Top Of The List


We all want to do it. When we see ourselves on the security camera, we are curious about how we look and want to look our best. Perhaps we primp ourselves while looking at the monitor or fix our tie or our hair. But what one body builder realized that he was on camera, he couldn’t stop himself from flexing over and over again. He just loved the way his muscles looked on camera and he wanted the security officer behind the camera to know it. But not only did he get noticed by the guy behind the camera, his actions have been shared with news outlets around the world. People are laughing along with the body builder who got caught flexing in the camera. And now he’s here to speak up about why he did it.

The video starts of simply. The bodybuilder goes into a grocery store – to stock up on his protein sources – and then sees the security camera. He’s holding some kind of package when he realizes he is on the camera.

The body builder admits that he does this often. When he sees his reflection in a car window or in a window, he isn’t shy – he’ll flex. He admits as much on Fox News and is happy to talk to anyone who will listen about his muscles.

“So I went into the grocery store and I was looking for coffee, right? And I noticed there was a TV screen. I felt like flexing.”

Unfortunately, the clip was not really shot on a security camera. As the body builder admits during his interview with Fox News, his girlfriend was holding the camera up on a selfie stick while running the camera with an app that makes it look like it is a security camera. While he may have been fooling the viewing public, it is still certainly a funny clip that we can all enjoy.

The body builder who is from Dublin, Ireland has broken a lot of hearts when he told the Fox News anchors that he had a girlfriend.

The comments streamed in on Fox News. Here were some of the most popular ones:

“Look at all these beta males in the comments, “uhh but but demz steroidz”. Yea whiny sod, even if you take steroids you still have to goto the gym and workout, put time, effort, sweat, diet and discipline. Some of the best portrayal of an “ideal physique” comes from steroid users. Again try injecting steroids while sitting in front of the computer and see if you get any ‘muscles.’”

Other people wrote comments on his YouTube channel:

“Love how u bring something new (i.e. humour) to the bodybuilding world. Please make more funny vids…subbed!”

“He literally acted like my friend who doesn’t do bodybuilding for a living, but still trains a lot.”

What do you think about this humorous video? Have you ever flexed in front of a camera like this bodybuilder?