WATCH: Tiger tries to snuggle the belly of a pregnant woman in US zoo:


A video of a tiger cuddling up against a pregnant lady’s belly through the glass is going viral and has invited mixed reactions online. The video was posted on Facebook by Brittany Osborne after she went to Indiana’s Potawatomi Zoo with her pregnant cousin, Natasha Handshoe. “We went to the Wine on the Wild Side occasion and this huge tiger realized that my cousin Natasha Handshoe was pregnant! The tiger was cuddling her belly! It was the SWEETEST (sic) minute,” Osborne posted on Facebook.
In the short video, the tiger warmly rubs up against the glass close Handshoe’s pregnant stomach. “I don’t know whether to chuckle or be frightened,” a man can be heard saying in the background. “That is so insane.”
Handshoe told CBS4 that the tigers were dozing in the back of the exhibit the first time when they passed them. She later came back to the tiger exhibit to take a selfie. That is when one of the tigers came up and began pawing at the glass. “I do trust the tiger knew I was pregnant just by the way it was acting,” she said.

Watch the video here.