Waitress Struggles To Feed Her 4 Kids And Care For Sick Husband — One Day, A Stranger Gave Her A Big Tip And She Couldn’t Stop Crying


Jessica Reboredo was a waitress and even though life was very challenging for her, she always kept her head up and had a smile on her face.

When her husband, Robert, got diagnosed with testicular cancer, Jessica knew that she needed to remain positive now more than ever.

As Robert fought for his life, Jessica was trying very hard to care for their four children (a 4-year old, twin 2-year-olds and a 6-month-old) while also visiting him at the hospital as often as possible. She handled all this while maintaining her job as a waitress.

Jessica found a great confidant in Kimberly, a childhood teacher she bonded with and with whom they had maintained a great friendship.

Kimberly decided to do something about her friend’s predicament. She shared Jessica’s story with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.

The Squad agreed to help and began planning the most wonderful surprise for Jessica.

Jessica was at work at usual, smiling and being very wonderful to her customers. She had no idea that her life was about to change completely.

Watch how she was surprised and the wonderful gift she was given on that fateful day that caused her to be so overwhelmed that she could not hold back tears.