Waitress Is Shocked To See The Man Sitting At The Restaurant. Then She Almost Passes Out When He Gives Her The Check


Donnie Wahlberg is known as the New Kids On The Block band member and an actor in the hit drama series Blue Blood.

Like other celebrities, he loved to share snippets of his life on social media. Recently, he was in North Carolina with his band when he visited a local Waffle house for a quick meal.

He loves visiting different Waffle houses in different parts of the country and enjoys sharing pictures and experiences about his time there. He also takes the time to get to know the servers and even gives them an appreciative social media shout out.

In this particular waffle house, a waitress was on the receiving end of a really special act of kindness from Donnie.

The cost of the meals of the group was just $82.60 but Donnie leaves a huge tip that had his servers completely shocked. He left them a whopping $2,000 tip.

My mom waited tables, and my dad tended bars— for years! So, when I walk into a #WaffleHouse, and the staff treats me…

Posted by Donnie Wahlberg on Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

On his Facebook page, Donnie shared his reason for such an amazing generosity.

“My mum waited tables, and my dad tended bars– for years! So, when I walk into a #Wafflehouse, and the staff treats me like a king, you better believe I treat them like queens! Thanks to the team at @wafflehouseofficial Charlotte, NC!”
According to a witness, one of the waitresses was shaking with amazement and joy at the actor’s kindness.

Another person who witnessed this moment, Cindy Higashi, said:
“They were screaming and cheering! It was very gracious and generous of him to leave such a great amount.”
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