VIDEO: Poisonous Eastern Brown snake filmed swallowing a python in Australia:


There’s an interesting reason why the snake catchers did not stop the snake from swallowing the python.

Just the mere mention of snakes can scare the living daylights out of the most of us. So, we cannot even begin to imagine how you’ll feel if you see a snake swallowing another of its kind!


As unbelievable and terrifying as that sounds, it happened, and not only that – the whole thing was filmed and uploaded online for the rest of the world to see. Not surprisingly, this incident took place in Australia — known for being the habitat of a variety of wild flora and fauna.

Reportedly, two snake catchers Norman and Sally Hill stumbled upon an Eastern Brown snake trying to swallow a carpet python, at Ipswich in Queensland, Australia, recently. If you’re wondering why the snake catchers didn’t stop the reptile from completing his meal, here’s a fun fact — if the brown snakes are interrupted while they are eating, they could regurgitate their food, which would not help either parties!

Eastern Brown snakes are considered to be the world’s second most venomous. According to the Australian Museum, these snakes are known to be cannibalistic in nature, especially in captivity and in over-crowded conditions. The snakes eat frogs, other reptiles and even birds and mammals.

These snakes are also known as the largest cause of deaths in Australia, and the deaths have mostly been caused by direct snake bites on people who tried catching them.

As messed up as this incident sounds, it is nevertheless interesting to see a snake eating another one. After all, how complex and utterly simple can nature be at the same time!

Watch the video here.

Here is a short video of the Eastern Brown eating the Carpet Python N&S Snake Catcher 0415136941www.nssnakecatcher.com.auFor media licensing please contact Caters News on video@catersnews.com

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The video has gone viral on Facebook, and has been shared over 1,600 times since the upload.