Vet Nurse Found Guilty Of Repeatedly Poisoning Her Own Dog


A vet nurse is the type of person that is expected to be compassionate towards animals and when we hear stories like this one, it makes us wonder why these types of people even bother to work with animals in the first place. The woman in this story has been found guilty of hurting an animal and what makes it even more shocking is that the dog was actually her own!

She poisoned her own pet repeatedly and the animal suffered from various collapses, convulsions and seizures as a result of this awful treatment. It is a wonder that the dog did not die or fall into a coma. Court proceedings took place after her actions came to light and it was discovered that the vet nurse (who is named Georgina Bretman) was actually injecting the pet with insulin.


These actions were part of a bizarre attempt to get attention and her actions were uncovered once one of her superiors at the Scottish out of hours clinic she worked at developed a sneaking suspicion that she was intentionally hurting her own. Her two year dog Florence did not have diabetes, so when she was repeatedly treating the animal for low blood glucose, her employer knew something was amiss.

To make matters worse, she was refusing to send in her dog’s samples for further testing. She eventually agreed to have the samples tested, but wouldn’t you know it? They never arrived at the facility. Lesley Herd, her employer, correctly predicted the night of Florence’s collapse and knew that Bretman was planning to administer more insulin injections.


The Scottish SPCA was soon notified and an investigation revealed the vet nurse’s wrongdoing. Florence was thankfully taken away from the cruel owner and she is now happy and healthy. There was no real explanation given for the occurrence and it is believed that Georgina is merely an attention seeker who took this particular ploy way, way too far.

She was found guilty of mistreating the dog and sentencing is slated to take place in the weeks to come. This is thought to be the first sentencing and it is great to see other countries stepping up to put a stop to this type of atrocious behavior. Georgina may receive a fine as high as $25,000 in US dollars and she could be sentenced to up to a year in jail.