Uber Driver Live Tweets Crazy Night With Girl Who Got Ghosted By Guy


Most interactions with our Uber drivers don’t go beyond some simple conversation, but one woman’s chauffeur ended up showing her the night of her life.
An unexpected friendship blossomed after a heartbroken Uber passenger revealed she’d been ghosted by a guy she had traveled miles away to see. Her driver did far more than just console her, she took her under her wing and made her trip well worth the plane ticket.

This rollercoaster of an evening went viral after the Uber driver live tweeted each highlight of their crazy night in a service that went way beyond five stars.
It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you travel somewhere alone, especially when the person you traveled to see bails on you. That’s exactly what happened to Leah when she made the trek from Texas to Florida for a guy who ended up not being worth the trip. Luckily, she ended up winning the Uber lottery when Victoria picked her up.


After Leah broke down and told Victoria about the dismal turn her vacation took, she was not ready to have Leah waste her remaining time in Florida alone. Victoria rallied up her friends to give her the Sunshine State welcome she deserved but didn’t get.

Victoria’s sympathy didn’t just spread to her group of friends, it ended up spreading to thousands of others online. The Uber driver with a heart of gold began updating her 30,000 followers on Leah’s story and their night out on the town.


The more Leah revealed about her ghosting long distance lover, the more Victoria and the Internet began to turn on this increasingly shady character. Are Florida State University football players not allowed to go to hotels?


You never get to truly know a place until you get shown around by a local. Victoria made sure that Leah didn’t leave Florida with a negative connotation and got her right into the scene. The two quickly went from strangers in an Uber to best buds.


Things escalated pretty quickly after Victoria relayed her plans to take Leah to a pregame. From bonding selfies to stage diving, there’s clearly a lot Victoria’s followers missed in between updates, but it was apparent that Leah was having one hell of a time.


Despite Victoria’s attempts to distract Leah from her heartbreak, Leah still couldn’t resist calling the guy she came to Florida to see. Victoria, however, was not having it and continued to relay the red flags surrounding this guy to her Twitter followers.


At some point, Victoria decided to intervene and the man with a million excuses, Aaron King, continued to defend himself with some truly outlandish claims. Victoria and her Twitter following collectively agreed that this guy wasn’t just a player on the field.


Victoria didn’t just tell Aaron off for Leah, she wanted to make sure that other girls were given fair warning of his sleazy behavior. Victoria found him on Instagram and posted a screenshot of his profile to Twitter to expose him to the world.


Victoria fulfilled her initial duty of bringing Leah home and took a picture after tucking her into bed. As if taking Leah out for a night on the town wasn’t enough, Victoria even opted to drive her to the airport the following morning.


Victoria and her friends sent Leah off together and commemorated their time together with a group picture. Leah may have come to Florida for a guy, but she ended up getting a whole new group of friends.


Twitter had a field day with Victoria’s series of live tweets and people were quick to share their opinions on Aaron and commended Victoria for being the best impromptu friend someone could ever ask for. It’s safe to say that Leah probably gave Victoria a full five-star rating.