Twice A Week This Garbage Man Secretly Meets His Close Friend, But One Day Someone Caught Him On Camera!


The garbage man, captured in this video, takes a break from his work twice a week to greet his close friend.

A young man decided to hide a camera nearby to capture this amazing moment.

As soon as the garbage man drove up to the house and left his truck, he looked around. All of a sudden, a golden retriever rans toward him!

Joshua Byrne, the dog’s owner, wrote a description under the video: “Every week, the garbage man visits my dog and says hello to her. Who said that nice people are hard to find?”

Joshua decided to share this touching story with the whole world, so he set up a camera nearby. You can see how the garbage man and the retriever are happy to see each other, and how the dog is to welcome his friend!


This short video has caused a lot of positive emotions and feedback from users around the world. How wonderful it is to realize that people find time to make someone happy. Even if the one is an animal.

At the moment, the video has more than 5.7 million views and a lot of positive feedback. The act of the garbage man is admired by many people.

Joshua said that the golden retriever’s name is Shelby. He had adopted Shelby from an animal shelter in Carolina.

Joshua believes Shelby brings joy to his family’s life. Obviously, she brings happiness to the garbage man as well!