Travelers In The London Underground Got A Surprise Treat When Elton John Sat Down At A Piano


Imagine you are just walking through the train station on your daily commute when all of a sudden the crowds gather around a piano. You are inquisitive so you go closer and notice that it is roped off and then the crowd parts and a legend walks through… Sir Elton John!

This would be a dream come true for most people — us included! Elton John sits down at the piaono and surprises the astounded crowd with an impromtu performance! The lucky crowd was treated to snippets of his classic songs as well as a riff from his famous hit «Bennie and the Jets’! To conclude this surprise jam he then signed the piano and donated it to the station!

We all wish we could have been there but luckily it got caught on film and now you can watch this short video so you can enjoy it too!