Toddler Follows Dad As He Drives Off, Keeps Shouting “I Love You, Daddy”


Adults more often than not don’t always get it right. In many cases, they are in a hurry to drive away to work that the daily experience of those who they love rarely registers in in their brains. They don’t know how the little moment that you take to wave your loved ones by in the morning as you dash out of the house can mean the whole world to them.

For sure, we might shout a few quick words over our shoulder, kiss the air, or even spare few quick waves. However, in most cases, we despise all these and assume that love and devotion are understood. So we slowly learn not to take the sentiments with the seriousness that they deserve.

Our family members play an important role in shaping our lives in one way or the other. Doing the little things that show our love for them might be more important than the big boxes that we may bring home in the evening.
The Behavioral experts such as Psych Central and many others have noted that young children can make us learn many things that are of great importance in building a strong bond of love. However, you can only get much out of your interaction with your kids if you pay much attention to them, and you be keen in the way they respond, either by word or behavior.

At this juncture, it is the safest thing to say that a young boy named Colton recently wanted to ensure that his message gets to everyone’s ears. In a video that lasts only three minutes and that which went viral on social media, this brave young boy made up his mind to send his father off for the day in a special way.

Things started off as anyone would predict. The passionate toddler came out of their house in his diaper, dancing up to towards his father’s truck to share an affectionate hug of his father. Even the father must have been surprised by whatever was going on with his little son. Was it something unusual that day?

For the sake of his safety, his father lured him to stand alongside his mother while the vehicle reverses and turned to the driveway. However, Colton was still far from finishing the kind of sendoff that he wanted to give his daddy. Get what he did next that shocked everyone!

“Bye-bye, Daddy!” yelled the little boy as he waved his hands to his father. The father never hesitated to give the kind of response that warmed the heart of his son. “Bye Son, I love you!” His father shouted back.

That was when the little Colton admirably decided to make it one of his catchphrases for the event that was unfolding before his very eyes. He did not leave anything to chance but quickly tried to pronounce it.

“I love you, Daddy,” the young one started to yell the phrase over and over. It was almost forming a song chorus for the little boy. Dad replied back in a kind manner using a cheerful complement “Sunshine.”

The illustrative exchange between Colton and his daddy went on for many times, totaling to about fifteen exchanges. Colton had his heart armed with sincerity that he began going after the track on foot just for another hug from daddy, and mom had to intervene and stop him from going any further.

Kids give some of the unforgettable memories as they grow up. Some of the things that they accomplish truly warm the heart of parents that they hardly fade away from their memory. Such was the case with Colton who came out in one of those bright sunny mornings to proclaim to the world that no one means much more to him than the guy beeping his horn farewell.

If we are parents, then we have children to play around with us at home. It is a stage that every parent has to pass through at one point in their life. There may be such situations that your son or daughter is your only source of joy. As we all know, kids are blessings that we receive in the family, and many of them give us company. If you are blessed with one, then know that which if you do, makes them happy, however foolish it may look.

Drop us your opinion. How do you handle your kids at home, especially those moments that you have to leave in the morning to work? Some kids may probably cry to see you off, just to show how much they will miss you. What is it that you do to leave your child back in peace?