Tiny House Cat Spots Lion On Property, Then Sprints Across Grass To Fearlessly Challenge Her


House cats and lions might share some of the same DNA, but would you ever expect to see the two in a face-off? One brave little kitty took on a huge lion in an amazing video shared by the cat’s owner.

On June 14, 2017, YouTube user BigCatDerek (Derek Krahn) shared footage of his “housemeow” Baggy marching right up to the cage where a much larger creature is lurking. The tiny cat challenges a lion, much to the amusement of her owner.

Derek and another spectator look on in disbelief as Baggy walks up to the cage of Noey the lion and stares her down.

“Baggy,” her owner calls out. “You will lose!” But Baggy pays him no mind, continuing her face-off with Noey.

The funny incident took place at the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), a nonprofit organization and big cat sanctuary in Bridgeport, Texas, that “provides a safe haven for abused and abandoned big cats and other exotics.” According to CARE’s website, they are a permanent home to over 40 animals, including mountain lions, tigers, leopards, and bobcats.

Baggy’s bravery despite her small size is funny on its own — especially when Baggy and Noey lunge at one another, separated by just a fence! But you have to hear Derek’s hilarious commentary as he watches his little cat engage the lion.

Check out the video of little Baggy’s big standoff. Don’t forget to Rasplove this priceless moment on Facebook with the other cat lovers in your life!