Tiger Cub And A Dog Become Inseparable Friends And Enjoy Swimming Together


Prepare to babble in amazement like a baby.

Though there’re some weird folks out there who think that animals are nothing but emotionless and silly critters, luckily they’re in the minority. Most of us know that inhabitants of the animal kingdom are as capable of sharing strong feelings and affection as humans. And some of them demonstrate even more devotion and warmth than some people. The Internet abounds with numerous stories revealing amazing bonds between animals, but in case you need more visual evidence, scroll further.

This tiger and pup have become the best buds since their first meeting, and who cares that they belong to different species. Breed has nothing to do with friendship and closeness, and the two of them know it better than anyone. The animals like spending time together, and what’s more surprising, they’re very fond of joint swimming.

True friendship knows no limits.