Through Which Pipe Will The Water Flow Most Quickly? Discover What Kind Of Intelligence You Have


Now that online tests are trendy, a fluid engineer has come up with a new one. It’s designed specifically to discern a the type of intelligence a person has. The challenge is pretty simple. There are 4 options, and we must decide through which pipe the water will flow the fastest. Do you have the answer?

If you chose pipe # 1

You’re the classic misunderstood genius. Although your answer isn’t correct, you analyzed every variable and came to the wrong conclusion, but with solid reasoning. Keep following this path and you’ll go very far.

If you chose pipe # 2

You’re moments away from becoming an evil genius. You recognized a series of shapes you’ve seen before in physics class, which is why you incorrectly went for this option. You should direct your intelligence elsewhere, evil and selfishness don’t always pay off.

If you chose pipe # 3

You’re anything but an expert in fluids, but your emotional intelligence is under control. You may not become the next Albert Einstein, but you definitely know how to handle society and keep your life organized.

If you chose pipe # 4

Your answer is more correct than the others. Although you went more with intuition than intelligence, you’ve always been good at handling the challenges that life throws at you. You’re on your way to becoming a real genius.
Tell us in the comments which option you chose, Rasplove this test with your friends, and have fun.