This Trap Cost Nothing To Make And Works Better Than Any Store Bought One I Ever Tried


Whether you enjoy being in your yard barbecuing with family or just lounging out on the patio, as the warm weather arrives we want to be outside. And when he continuously open and close the door to our house, little pests like houseflies find a way to sneak inside. We don’t want them indoors, but once they’re inside, we struggle to get them out.
You can always grab a fly swatter and take the flying bugs out one at a time. Or if you don’t have the time or patience for that activity, you can build this homemade fly trap that works even better than a swatter.

In the video below, William Quinn goes through the steps of how to make this DIY fly trap that you can use inside your house or outdoors whenever flies pester you. Check out this simple technique now.

Quinn writes that “this is actually made with NO COST from you because the items used are used by your family or friends. When it is fill just toss it in the trash.”

With a promise like that and that this fly trap “WORKS” who wouldn’t want to give it a shot to remove the flies from your premises?

To get this fly trap going, you need something that is really going to stink after a while. Because Quinn is located in Maryland, he decides to grab a day-old chicken from the market and use that for the trap. We all know how stinky rotting chicken fat can be.
As you’ll see, Quinn cuts off the chicken fat and collects it on a paper towel. Then he picks some up and puts it into the top of an empty milk jug.

But the milk jugs requires some preparation. First you need to cut a hole in the side of it. Then put the screw-top lid of a water bottle into the hole so the lip faces outward. This will be how the flies enter the trap. Put this one the opposite end of the handle because you’ll want to hang it by the handle.

Put water into the jug and fill it up just enough so there is about an inch in it. With the chicken fat rotting in the water, the flies will be attracted like no other.

TIP: Always wash your hands when handling raw meat like this chicken fat.
In the video at the 1:15-mark, Quinn shows you where he hung up the container of the flies.

After a few days, you’ll notice the chicken fat starting to rot. This will make it call out to the flies like the pied piper.

Quinn then installs a second fly trap but instead of using raw chicken, he uses fresh dog droppings.

After three weeks, you can see the result at the 2:45-mark. Flies are buzzing around these water jugs like they’re rotting T-bone steaks.

As you can see, flies are trapped inside and are dying. The traps work very well and kill flies out.

But you won’t want to use this fly trap indoors for obvious reasons. I don’t think I’d like to smell rotting chicken in my kitchen. But for the yard, this could be perfect for you.

What do you think about this DIY fly trap?