This Kid Had To Live In A Car And Work As A Janitor At 13, Now He’s A Famous Actor Everybody Adores!


Today you know him as a great actor, a sparkling comedian and a holder of 3 Golden Globes. However, back in the mid 70s things weren’t good for the Hollywood star. He was just 13 when his father lost his job as an accountant.


The family moved to the plant, where bread-winner got a new job of a security guard and his children worked 8-hour shifts as janitors. The 13-year-old boy lost interest in everything, and his amazing artistic personality seemed to fade away.


However, things didn’t last for ever, and Jim was inspired by his father to give it a try in stand-up comedy at a local club. Soon enough the funny young man with amazingly plastic body and face that would change expressions all the time was spotted by the public.


Ever since then Jim’s popularity grew, and he broke through to TV and Hollywood. In the mid-90s, half of the world knew his name and laughed at his performances!

Few people knew about his tough period in childhood! Because Jim Carrey hardly opened up about it and never blamed his parents!


Though life was tough on him, the actor made his way to the international acclaim and glory, and we all admire him!