This Is Why Surgeons Always Dress In Green Or Blue


Have you ever asked yourself why surgeons, as opposed to general doctors and specialists, dress in green or blue, and not white? It’s not a matter of fashion, or a way of recognizing each other in the operating room, the reason is much more interesting.


Until 1914, the year the First World War erupted, surgeons all over the world used white uniforms. However, that year, given the cruelty on the battlefield and the number of wounded who were arriving in operating rooms, one influential doctor noted that, when they were operating, the white color of a colleague’s clothing was capable of blinding the surgeon for a few seconds and causing a fatal error.


Additionally, the colors blue and green have the added benefit of making our retina perceive tones of red in greater detail, and given the surgeon’s environment, it’s very useful for their trade to easily recognize the colorful aspects of human anatomy.