This Family Lost Three Children In The Accident…But 6 Months Later, A Miracle Happened!


Young parents Lori and Chris Coble suffered a lot. They used to live happily until one tragic day that changed everything: Lori with children was driving a car when a huge truck hit them.

She doesn’t remember the events of that day, and everything she knows about what happened next she has learned from stories of other people. Lori and her children were taken to different hospitals, and eventually husband told her their kids died. While American officials were considering punishment for the driver of the deadly truck, a miracle happened in the family.
This is how this incredible story begins…

In May of 2007, the Coble family was stricken by the tragedy. Lori Coble, mother of three children, was driving a car having all of them inside, when a truck carrying 20 tons of electronics crashed into her vehicle. 5-year-old Kyle, 4-year-old Emma and 2-year-old Katie soon died from injuries. Lori has no memories about the collision but for those her husband told about.

Truck driver, Jorge Miguel Romero, who repeatedly received fines for speeding, was charged with manslaughter.


After the accident, the couple tried to influence the policy of shipping companies who employed such drivers.

“In this business the driver gets money for the number of miles he coveres,” Chris Coble says. “If the truck is at a stop, the driver doesn’t get profit. This poses a real threat to all road users, as the trucker drives even being tired and sleepy.”

But six months after the tragedy, Chris and his wife got the reason to feel happy again…


Lori got pregnant with triplets, two girls and one boy as before. Lori and Chris are sure that their late children contributed to that amazing event.

“We can’t think otherwise. We feel they’re looking at us, protect us and of course are involved in our lives as before,” the father says.


In May of 2015, triplets Ashley, Ellie, and Jake celebrated their seventh birthday.

“I think it’s a miracle. Perhaps our Kyle, Emma and Katie somehow helped us. And now we again have three wonderful kids,” Lori says.


Nothing can replace parents’ loss, but love to their children helps them move on.