This Equation Went Viral In Japan. Are You Able To Solve It?


This little puzzle made a lot of people’s minds boil in Japan, including scientists.

Research shows that only 60% of people born in 1990’s can solve this equation. The very same problem was given to 20-year-olds about 30 years ago and the result was quite surprisingly different – about 90% of the participants gave the right answer. Are we becoming dumber?
Try yourself!

How is it going? Do you think you got it right? Go ahead and take a look at the right answer below.


Correct answer: 1.

Now let me explain it.

A lot of people start off by taking the wrong path. The 1/3 is the tricky part. So the WRONG solution goes like this:





However, the very first line goes against the rules of math.

The right solution: