This Dog Happily Played Together With This Girl, But Never Thought He’d Have To Deal With THIS…


We can’t underestimate the love of our family, nor of our pets who are also part of the family. When we really love someone, we’re capable of doing anything to protect them.

That’s what Haus did, a 2 year old German Shepherd member of the DeLuca family from Florida, who risked his life to save Molly, the smallest member of the family.

It happened on a Wednesday on which the little 7 year old was with Haus on the patio when out of nowhere a rattlesnake appeared, and quickly moved into attack position.

Haus identified the threat immediately and put himself between Molly and the snake, ready to not let anything happen to the little girl. Haus withstood 3 bites from the snake before it left. And his heroism wasn’t in vain. Molly was safe, feeling nothing more than the fright of the snake and the nervousness of seeing her beloved dog on the floor.


Haus was taken to hospital right away. And even though his chances of survival were against him, he never gave up hope. Thanks to a potent, and expensive, antidote, Haus was able to recover from the attack and go home to be with his family.


The family received huge support in the form of donations from GoFundMe and was able to cover the costs of the treatment that allowed Haus to be reunited with his family — a family that has always protected him since they adopted him after he was rescued in unfortunate conditions.


But thanks to Haus and Molly, we realize that a family’s love can be more powerful than all of the venom in the world.