This dad asked his daughters to get “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam” from the store, and their reaction is perfect


All dads can appreciate a few things–they love barbecues, crocs and fishing. And, while fathers have to deal with the difficult task of raising another human being, they still love to play a good prank and have a laugh.

That was certainly the case with one dad, who asked his daughters to go to the store and pick up “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam.” He even gave them a fake coupon, which is something that is easily found around the Internet. And, while he didn’t manage to capture the initial moment that they realized they were getting pranked, their reaction is pretty great.

As soon as his one daughter, who claims she “did the talking,” climbed into the truck, she declared, “There is no such thing as blinker fluid.” She took it well, though, smiling and yelling, “They were all laughing at me.”

This dad thinks it’s very funny to prank his daughters. I’m not surprised that these girls don’t know much about cars. A lot of kids these days don’t even learn how to drive. It’s easier to get someone to drive them around or to hail an Uber.

Many commenters came to the defense of the girls. So many that the comments had to be disabled. Maybe the dad should make a new video that shows how awesome his girls really are.