Thief Trying To Steal Package From Porch Doesn’t Know That Homeowner Booby-Trapped It


As the holiday season unfolds, there is a notable rise in petty crime. Many homeowners report packages delivered to their houses while they’re away from home have been stolen by opportunistic thieves — and they have the video evidence to prove it.

Even so, many families are left with nothing but frustration, as they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on gifts they’ll never recover unless they decide to buy them all over again.

Yet some folks have chosen to take matters into their own hands. If packages must be delivered to their doors, they make sure that potential thieves know these boxes are not theirs for the taking!

One homeowner came up with a particularly effective way to deter robbers: He booby-trapped a fake package.

The package was rigged with a device that would set off a loud noise and a few sparks.

Sure enough, as predicted, a thief walks up to the home’s porch and tries to grab it — only to be sent running once the device detonates.

The homeowner explained:

“Package theft has become an epidemic, and I was tired of watching my packages being stolen. I made a safe and effective device to deliver a loud reminder to leave my packages alone. Hopefully, it will make them pick up a different line of work.”