They Thought It Was Just A Sandbar. Moments Later, They Witnessed A Very Rare Event


Thousands of years ago, we know that our planet has already undergone a lot of physical changes. Books and recordings of travelers and experts are our sources of knowledge when it comes to how much the world has changed — our mountains, the bodies of water, as well as the appearance of islands. Never was it documented and witnessed how Mother Earth gave birth to another wonderful island. We just come to find and discover it after some time.

A few days ago, the crew of the Maiken was enjoying a leisurely sail through the South Pacific when they spotted a strange water discoloration from a distance.

Curious about what might be happening in the area, they decided to sail in closer to find out what’s up.


From a far, the crew mistook it to be just a normal strip of sand in the middle of the ocean.


As they sailed closer and had a look, turns out that the sand-looking stuff are floating pumice stones.


Redirecting their yacht to it, they noticed that it looked like a beach!

Just look at that stuff looking like sand!


Still puzzled, they decided to sail through it, leaving a trail of where they passed.


As they were passing through, they noticed that the area of pumice stones begins to get larger and larger. They had an uneasy feeling and sped up.


Already sailing at a safe distance, the crew looked back as they heard a faint rumbling from afar. They saw bubbles emerging on the water’s surface.


Then, the moment of realization hit them: the pumice stones came from an erupting underwater volcano!


They cannot help but admire the marvelous event that has just happened.


Once all the smoke cleared up, the crew saw something strange on the area where the eruption happened.


Sailing a little bit closer to have a look, they cannot believe their eyes — it was land!


They just witnessed the birth of a new island!


Still stunned, they marveled on the beauty of nature. They just saw a once-in-a-lifetime experience.