They Placed A Camera In A Remote Spot Of Greenland. You Will be Frightened And Surprised By What They Saw There…


Our planet is unique and truly wonderful. It is always full of surprises that amaze us and scare us at the same time. Natural hazards, picturesque sites, and many other incredible things can take our breaths away. And today, we would like to show you a natural disaster that will both surprise and frighten you. It is the calving of an enormous glacier.

The video posted below was made by a group of researchers. They chose a remote place in Greenland and placed a camera there to record what may happen with the glaciers. The researchers waited for several months, but one day, they finally saw something amazing — the calving of the huge glacier.

This glacier was so big that it could be compared to Lower Manhattan. It was close to 1,5 km wide and more than 4 km long. Besides, the biggest part of it was underwater.