These Ridiculously Adorable Newborns Just Melted My Heart


Babies grow up, it seems, in the blink of an eye. So it’s incredibly important to document the teeniest phase with photographs that you can cherish once they’re grown and leaving their dirty laundry all over their rooms.

Aoife Millea of Cleare Photography in Ireland takes just about the cutest photos of newborn babies you’ll ever lay your eyes on. She dresses up the babies in sweet, cozy outfits and lets them sleep soundly on a beanbag in her photo studio. Then she goes out into the world and takes beautiful photos of nature and composites the images with Photoshop. Sometimes she will use backdrops in the studio as well.

Being photographed with everything from elephants at the circus to sleepy koalas hanging out in trees, these little babies are all so precious. Wouldn’t you love to have a picture of your little ones just like the photographs below?

When asked why she does what she does, Aoife told LittleThings that she “wanted to create unique fun images that would hopefully make people smile, especially their parents.”

I’m pretty sure all the parents were smiling when they saw these pictures. I know I was!

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This is the teeniest, cutest little circus elephant around.
Can you contain yourself when you look at these precious nesting dolls?
Just look at this sweet sleeping crabapple!

Aoife’s father painted the background of this beautiful photograph.
This happy little lobster might be my favorite of them all.
Have you ever seen a sweeter koala?

Don’t you wonder what this sweet baby is dreaming of?
I’ve never seen a hydrangea so adorable.
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