There’s an animal hidden in this picture. Can you see it?


We have a little test for you. Are you ready?

If you can pass it, congratulations. You have an ability that some people dream of having.

Here’s a hint: this is a visual test. Get your eyes prepped, you might feel a little dizzy at first.

There is a secret element hidden in this picture. Can you see it?



It is said that only 10 percent of people can see the hidden element right away.

What do you see?

Here’s another hint: look for an animal.

Do you see it yet? Or did you find it right away?

If you still can’t find it, here’s the answer: a panda is hidden between the lines of the image.

So why can some people see it and others cannot?

According to Paul E Dux, from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, “The reason why some people find it and others don’t is because some have better ‘spatial attention’ than others.”

That sounds like something to brag about.

If you are still having difficulty finding the panda, take a step back from the screen and try looking again.

Pretty interesting, right?