The “worst cat in the world” has a rival in harmfulness. This is Hugo’s dog, and he escaped from home more than 270 times.


Dogs are commonly called “good boys,” but Hugo, one and a half year old cocker spaniel, over and over again proves that he is not like that at all. This dog managed to escape home more than 270 times in his life! It absolutely cannot be left unattended: everything that comes across, even money, will chew. Well, “the worst cat in the world” Perdita, move, you have a worthy competitor in terms of harmfulness!

Hugo’s Cocker Spaniel has escaped from home more than 270 times



According to Metro, the owners of Hugo are Kelly Coombs and Brian, and they also have two sons, one of whom is 11, and the other is 14 years old. They call their pet “Hugo Terrible,” because this little dog carries destruction and cannot be trusted. He began to run away from home a day later as a puppy. Hugo nibbles the net, makes a dig and gets out of the fence. Fortunately, he fails to escape far — usually they find him in no more than half an hour.


If Hugo does not plan to escape, then he will nibble EVERYTHING: furniture, clothes, and even money


Kelly works from home, so she can leave Hugo unattended. But this still does not help, in addition to the love of shoots, the dog has a passion for chewing everything that comes under its paw. He chews on furniture, homework, clothes, and once destroyed 300 pounds (24.5 thousand rubles). Therefore, the family has to check whether there is anything left where the dog can get and destroy. He really loves lightning. And it is good that he still did not understand that they are on the sofa!

Why is Hugo acting like that?


The family does not know the reason for this Hugo behavior. The dog has a wonderful life, he is accepted and loved as he is. Maybe he’s just hurt, or maybe he’s just young and can’t sit still, because he wants adventure. Time will tell!