The Way You Carry Your Bag Can Reveal Some Interesting Facts About Your Personality!


Our everyday habits can tell us the secrets of our character. The way you put on your lipstick, comb your hair, drive a car and even carry a bag, reveal a lot of interesting facts about your personality.

Pay attention: all people carry their bags in different ways! What is your way?

1. Behind the back

People who carry their bags this way are very friendly. They are honest, straight forward and always uphold their point of view. Sometimes they are selfish, thought. Their needs are put in the first place and they can forget about others. Quite often they do not think about the consequences of their actions, sincerely convinced they do not bring any trouble to others.

2. On the chest

These people are very confident and nothing can affect their self-esteem. They are not interested in your opinion because they know everything. Their movements are constrained and minimized since their main task is to penetrate your soul through your eyes. Be extremely careful with such people! They often wear dark glasses, trying to hide their nature. If you do not want to hear the harsh truth about yourself, do not ask their opinion. They never flatter, but they say only what they think.

3. On the shoulder

In general, they are positive people from the category of “like everyone else.“More than anything in the world they do not like when somebody tries to manipulate them. They are very intellectually developed, but at the same time are strikingly naive. They are able to speak for hours and at the same time they are excellent listeners. They lead an active lifestyle, but they never hurry. Amazing isn’t it?
4. Over the shoulder

They are not ambitious! Money and power do not attract their attention. If they have money, it means they are either inherited it or married someone rich. No, they do not hate all material, but they just have a philosophical attitude to it and perfectly aware of their temporary nature. Their position is that they do not want to be billionaires; they want to live as billionaires. And there is a difference!

5. On the stomach

Their character changes with the speed of light. They can easily decide to move, change jobs, or residence. They cannot sit still! They are capable of leading a discussion, but they do not know how to listen at all. They are impatient with those who, in their opinion, are conservative and have different views on life. You will never convince them of something they do not like or do not support.

6. On the head

These people are constantly floating in the clouds. Since childhood, teachers have noticed that they are not there, as they live in their own world with ponies, unicorns, butterflies and rainbows in it. In general, they are kind and calm, but a little infantile.