The Stunning Makeover This Woman Got For Her 65th Anniversary Will Make You Go “Wow”


Beauty salons are very popular in the US. These salons offer their clients the most drastic changes in appearance: a new hairstyle, new clothing and makeup. The makeover artist was thrilled to see the 65-year-old Pat stroll into his salon.
Pat was really the main focus of the makeover below. The lovely lady was about to celebrate her 65th birthday and her husband gifted her this makeover, per her request. His response to this was so cute.

Pat was not only incredibly kind, easy-going people, but she is, in Christopher’s words, “movie star gorgeous”, with incredible bone structure and healthy hair. Needless to say, this was one of his all-time favorite makeovers, and we can see why.

Pat was embarrassed to confess how long she had been rocking her current haircut when asked. All she would say was that she needed a change, and she was willing to let Christopher do whatever he wanted to her hair!

This is how Pat looked before and after the makeover.


Such a redical change, don’t you think? Pat’s husband and sister were thrilled with how she looked! Pat herself was excited with her new haircut and felt absolutely wonderful!



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