The Ship That Was Lost In The Bermuda Triangle, Reappears After Missing For 90 Years


On 16th of May, 2016, the Kuban government has seized the ship in the zone that was forbidden for air flights. After three failed attempts to contact the crew, three patrol vessels were mobilized to capture this mysterious boat. But, when the patrol ships saw the ship in question, they were struck with awe.


On the first estimate, the ship was around 100 years old and crewless. After closer inspection, the patrolmen recognized that it was the Legendary Cotopaxi (SS Cotopaxi), which disappeared in mysterious circumstances in December of 1925.

When the patrolmen boarded the ship, they couldn’t believe their eyes: the entire interior of the ship indicated that the vessel was without its crew for several decades. It was if the entire crew disappeared into thin air suddenly. Upon further inspection, they have discovered the diary of Captain Mayer. The logbook gave absolutely no indication of what happened to the ship. All that is know is the fact that the ship was heading to Havana, from Charleston (South Carolina) on the 29th of November, to deliver 2340 tons of coal. After only two days of sailing, it disappeared without a trace for 90 years.


The Kuban government has promised to have a detailed investigation to uncover the mystery that lasted for 90 years.

The Bermuda Triangle is a region between Miami, Puerto Rico and The Bermuda Island. Tens of ships were sunk here, planes that disappeared without any trace or crashed. It is considered to be a place of supernatural phenomena which has yet to be explained. There are many theories, from the alien abductions to the mysterious Atlantis.


Although, the scientists do reject all of these myths, citing the human factor as a cause. The mystifying reappearance of Cotopaxi could finally bring some light on the secret behind the Bermuda triangle. Who knows, maybe this hostile, enigmatic and sinister place for us stops being so terrifying…