The Oldest Twins In The World Have Stayed Together For Whole Life And It’s Their 103 Birthday


Do you believe in, INFINITE LOVE? If you don’t, prepare to believe that infinite love does exist in our world. Whether couple love, parental love, or sibling love… infinite love exists in all.

Some people just go beyond loving each other, that they could even die for the other person to live a good life. Isn’t this nuts? You think of it in every possible way you can.

We always hear that infinite love mostly exists in families. This is true. Parents would do anything just for us kids to be well at all costs. Leave alone our parents, there are two siblings who are known to have that love driving them from childhood until now.

Meet Florence Davies and Glenys Thomas, the oldest living identical twins. Before everything else, these two sisters have left for a century. And in this century, add up three good years on top of it. What a blessing!

Very few people have managed to live for 100 years and onwards. They are the ‘ride or die’ kind of sisters. A lot might be said about twin sisters, but these twins are exceptional.

We know of the theory that growing up with your siblings, there must be fights in between. I doubt these set of twins ever argued or fought.


No one has been able to separate them since then. Can you have a guess of what’s their secret to be inseparable? I guess we will never know that little secret code they are holding on to. If they could share this secret with the world, then we would live to stick by each other as family, and friends.

To top it up, the way we kids are been raised up really adds up to how we cooperate with each other. These twins clearly have been raised and told that love is the only thing that matters.

Through thick and thin, they’ve always done everything together. They wore similar clothes, had the same hair cuts, had the same style. This is what loving twins do, right? But how do they still go on together, without holding any grudges?

Twins are special. I love them because of how they confuse some people, so they need to know one special mark that differentiates the two. When they go to school and miss to do their assignment, the teacher might confuse them, and end up punishing the wrong person. Classic twins!

Twins out there and the rest of the siblings, you need to be strong enough, to hold onto each other, just like Florence and Glenys.

Most of us with no doubt, have left our native villages and went to live in the modern towns, just to have the taste of new things. You might think, that living in your native villages isn’t cool and sophisticated, but trust me you guys need to mimic these two sisters.

They have never left their native village, where they were born. This is so amazing, as they stand out to be the best of the best. During the WWI and WWII, they’ve been one.

I wonder why they aren’t in the Guinness book of Records. They’ve just broken one of the world’s records, by sticking onto each other for over a century.

One thing that has separated most of the siblings out there, is that twins in their early age, the teenage stage, get to hate each other. One may start using drugs, and when she’s advised, she ends up hating her own blood. They also get to fall in love with one man, and fight each other, leading to breaking up of their bond.

Cheers to these twins! They are one in a million.


As they grew older, they became stronger. At the age of 21, they worked for wealthy people, whereby they managed houses. They make the twinning thing so beautiful. Everything they do, is just similar.

It was hard, but they pulled it off, just because of the support they offered to each other.

Marriages and births of children ruin today’s relationships, as they become distant. They’ve proved to us that even their marriages haven’t ruined their relationship. As they celebrate their 103rd birthday, they celebrate the good life they’ve been together as one, the happy moments that they shared, and for more life to come.

I feel kind of jealous watching them been so flawless, and admire them so much. If you have a twin or no twin, don’t give up on them. Stick by each other even in the hardest times. Make your siblings your best friends, just like Florence and Glenys were best friends for life.