The man saved three kittens that were cold on the road. In this he was helped by what was at hand – coffee


Canadian Kendall Divish found kittens frozen in the ice, whom he could help with what was at hand — warm coffee. The man was driving past his work when he came across three kittens that were freezing right on the road. Kendall saved them by watering the tails with a warm drink — thanks to this, the tails were easily able to be torn from the ice and free the kids who were stuck in the middle of the road.


The canadian rescued kittens that were frozen in the ice next to his work


A man named Kendall Divish is an oilman, and he was just driving past one of the wells when he saw three kittens on the road. The poor man was obviously left there a long time ago, and they spent in the cold all night, because their tails completely froze to the ground.

The man saved the beasts with the help of what was at hand — coffee

With the help of a warm drink, the tails were unfastened from the ice without harm to the kittens.


Kendall took all three with him.


At home, the man warmed, fed and watered the kittens, and also treated them from parasites. All three of the young were boys.


And very soon, all three kittens were taken from Kendall — in one family at once!


The kids were not separated, and they will live together in the same family.

So Kendall’s coffee helped him not only cheer up, but also save three lives at once!